Informed Consent Form


I agree to participate in the research study under the direction of Win Matsuda and supervised by Drs. Rouse and Miller-Perrin.

I understand that I must be at least 18 years of age to participate in this study.

The overall purpose of this study is to examine the influence of personal contact on attitudes toward sexuality. My participation will involve viewing and answering six questionnaires. Responses will range from circling answers on a demographics questionnaire (such as age, religion, ethnicity, and estimated family income) to indicating one’s agreement to various attitude statements by selecting a number in a range one to five and one to seven.

My participation in this study will last approximately forty minutes, and will be completed entirely online. I understand that I will receive research participation credit for my participation according to the guidelines set forth by my university.

I understand that the results of this research will benefit society by providing information on the role of personal contact in influencing attitudes toward sexuality. This type of information is important for social psychologists.

I understand that there are certain risks and discomforts that might be associated with this research. Risks are minimal. The largest foreseeable risk is distress induced by recognizing ones views toward various forms of sexual orientation. These risks, however, are minimal and consistent with risks that can be encountered in ordinary life experiences. If I feel uncomfortable at any point while completing the surveys, however, I can either skip a specific question or discontinue my participation completely without penalty.

I understand that I may choose not to participate in this research. I understand that my participation is voluntary and that I may refuse to participate and/or withdraw my consent and discontinue participation in the project or activity at any time without penalty or loss of benefits to which I am otherwise entitled.

I understand that my information will remain anonymous and confidential. I will not be asked to place my name on any forms other than this one. While the online documents might have a number on them, this number will not be associated with a name or any other identifying information. The information gathered in this study will be stored securely. No information identifying me will ever be published in connection with this study.

I understand that the investigator is willing to answer any inquiries that I may have concerning this study. I understand that I may contact Win Matsuda (, Dr. Rouse (, or Dr. Miller-Perrin ( if I have other questions or concerns about this research. If I have questions about my rights as a research participant, I understand that I can contact Dr. Susan Helm, Chairperson of the Seaver College Institutional Review Board, Pepperdine University,, who has reviewed and approved this study.

I understand to my satisfaction the information regarding participating in this research project. All my questions have been answered to my satisfaction. I have received a copy of this informed consent form,
which I have read and understand. I hereby consent to participate in the research described above.

* 1. Do you agree to the above terms?