* 1. Have you attended Dylan Day?

* 2. If you have attended, do you have a favorite Dylan Day song or moment you recall? Comment below.

* 3. Have you participated as a solo performer or with a group?

* 4. Would you be interested in being a performer or group performer in the future (This year or another year?) (This is anonymous so this doesn't commit you!)

* 5. Should WHS continue Dylan Day after this year? (This is the 25th year of Dylan Day.)

* 6. What would make Dylan Day better?

* 7. Have you bought a Dylan Day shirt?

* 8. Has anyone ever remarked on your shirt or asked you about Dylan Day? Comment below.

* 9. Would you want to buy a Dylan Day shirt this year?

* 10. If you have attended Dylan Day, what is something you have gotten out of it that you feel is a positive?

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