1. Implied Consent

San Francisco State University
Implied Consent to Participate in a Research Study
Personality and credit card marketing.

The present research study is aimed at understanding the relationship between personality and credit card marketing. The researcher, Naoko Ueno, is an undergraduate student at San Francisco State University conducting research towards a senior thesis. You are being asked to participate in this study because you are 18 years of age or over. This study has been approved by the San Francisco State University Institutional Review Board.

If you agree to participate in this research study, the following will occur:

You will be asked to fill out a series of questionnaires on emotion, personality, and demographic information. Furthermore, in the questionnaire, you will be asked to evaluate a credit card advertisement. The researcher anticipates that your involvement will take approximately 80 minutes. You will be debriefed at the end of this study.

This study creates a minimal risk of loss of privacy. Privacy will be protected by keeping all data on a password-protected computer or in a locked cabinet and by not using names to label data. The researcher and his students will be the only people with access to the data.

There is also a risk that you may feel discomfort due to either the study procedure or the nature of the questionnaires; however, you are welcome to leave any question(s) unanswered and may decide to end your participation at any time. In addition, if you experience any distress after the study is completed, the San Francisco State University Counseling and Psychological Services Center can be reached at (415) 338-2208; the center is open Monday through Thursday, 8AM to 12PM and 1PM to 7PM, and Friday 8AM to 12PM and 1PM to 5PM. Students are offered free psychological counseling in Room 208 of the Student Services Building. Participants from the general public may contact their respective physician(s) to obtain a referral to a center nearby counseling of their choice. If participants do not have a physician, call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) to reach a 24-hour crisis center. To find treatment you can go to: http://www.mentalhealthamerica.net/go/find_therapy.

The research data will be kept in a secure location, a password protected computer, and only the researcher and his advisor will have access to the data. At the conclusion of the study, all identifying information will be removed and the data will be kept in a locked cabinet or office.

There will be no direct benefits to the participant.

There will be no cost to you for participating in this research.

There will be no compensation to you for participating in this research.

For SFSU students: you will earn extra credit for participation in this research, depending on your instructor. If your instructor does provide extra credit, then he or she will also offer alternative forms of extra credit that do not require research participation.

The alternative is not to participate in the research.

If you have any questions about the study, please contact the principle investigator, Naoko Ueno, at naoko121@gmail.com or the researcher’s adviser, Professor Howell, at rhowell@sfsu.edu before participating.

Questions about your rights as a study participant, or comments or complaints about the study, may also be directed to the Office for the Protection of Human Subjects at (415) 338-1093 or protocol@sfsu.edu.