HBSCNY Community Partners Project Criteria and Application

We review applications from nonprofit organizations throughout the year. Once we receive your completed application
financial information, it will be reviewed by one of our Project Committees – Arts and Culture, Education,
Environment and Health, or Social Services – and we will respond to you with questions and next steps.

General Requirements
  • Organization is tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.
  • Organization is located in and focuses its activities and programs in the Greater New York Metropolitan Area.
  • National and international organizations are encouraged to apply if they are headquartered in the Greater New York Metropolitan area.
Nonprofit Criteria for Consulting Projects
  • Annual budget of at least $300,000
  • At least 3 full-time paid staff or 3 full-time equivalents.
  • Executive Director commits to active involvement in the project from its start to its completion, including participation in project kickoff meeting and final presentation from project team.
Nonprofit Criteria for Brainstorming Engagements
  • Annual budget of at least $100,000
  • At least 3 full-time paid staff or 3 full-time equivalents.
  • Executive Director attends Brainstorming Session(s) along with key board and/or staff members.
A confirmation page will appear upon clicking “Finished” at the bottom of this application if submission was
successful and complete. If otherwise, you will be redirected to complete missing information noted with asterisk.

* 1. Submission Date:


* 2. Organization Name:

* 3. In what year was the organization founded?

* 4. What is the organization's website?

* 5. Executive Director or CEO contact information:

* 6. If you are not the Executive Director or CEO, please indicate your title and contact information:

* 7. What is the organization's mission statement? (50 words at maximum)

* 8. Please describe your key programs and activities as they relate to the Greater New York Metropolitan Area.

* 9. Does the organization have 501(c)(3) status?

* 10. What is the organization's annual budget?

* 11. Please summarize your organization's sources of funding. Enter whole numbers for each that applies (exclude percent sign) to total 100%

* 12. If your organization has an endowment, please provide the dollar amount (exclude dollar sign):

* 13. As part of our application process, we require that your organization submit its latest audited financial statements to Community Partners. Please indicate your preferred option below.

* 14. What is the organization's affiliation status?

* 15. Please list number of employees:

* 16. Please list approximate number of volunteers:

* 17. Please specify the type of Community Partners engagement for which you would like to be considered. (You may select more than one choice.)

* 18. Select the most appropriate focus of your organization:

* 19. Describe the proposed project in as much detail as possible. (500 words maximum)

* 20. Community Partners focuses on engagements that are strategic in nature. How does your project proposal align with your mission? (500 words maximum)

* 21. Who in the organization would be involved in this effort? In addition to our consulting team, we will require the primary involvement of the Executive Director as well as relevant senior staff members.

* 22. What is your Board’s role in defining, approving and participating in this project?

* 23. When would you like to have the results of this project?

* 24. How did you hear about Community Partners?

* 25. Additional Comments:

* 26. If you would like an electronic copy of your application, please provide an email address: