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* 4. We want to know how helpful these videos have been at increasing your understanding of The Canadian Path. Please rate the following aspects based on your level of agreement with the statements:

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neither Agree or Disagree Agree Strongly Agree
This video helped me understand the Four Elements of The Canadian Path
This video has given me practical ideas on how to implement The Canadian Path in my Section
This video helped me understand why The Canadian Path is important to my Section
This video has helped me understand how The Canadian Path will facilitate a better program for youth
I would share this video with friends and fellow Scouters
I would share this video on social media
Overall, I found this video a useful resource

* 5. What do you think the strengths of this video are?

* 6. What do you think the weaknesses of this video are?

* 7. What information do you feel should have been added to this video?

* 8. What information do you feel could have been removed from this video?

* 9. Please provide any additional feedback you have on the video referenced above: