Regal Cinema Film & Cinema History Survey

Thanks for filling out our quick survey. All of the questions are on this page, and the entire survey should take you no longer than five minutes to complete.

* 1. Please indicate if you have ever been to these places.

You may select multiple choices if they apply to you.

* 2. How would you describe your knowledge of film/cinema history?

* 3. How interested are you in the following areas of film and cinema history?

  Not at all interested Not very interested A little bit interested Very interested
How projectors work
Changes in film technology
Stories about local cinemas
Pictures of old cinemas
Seeing objects from an old cinema
Being able to touch objects from an old cinema
What a trip to a cinema was like pre-1950
Why cinemas declined
What the future of the cinema industry is

* 4. How important to you is it to have the following things in an exhibition?

  Do not want it there Not important to have Would like it there Very important to have
Summaries of information
In-depth, technical information
Historical objects to view
Objects that can be touched
Interactive models
Games or activities
People/guides to talk to
A place to leave your comments
Something to pick up and take home
Thank you for filling in our survey. If you're interested in the progress of the restoration work at the Regal Cinema, Tenbury Wells, you can follow the project on our blog: