Uniform Survey

As everyone is aware, we had some uniform issues this last season.  Currently, the design that we have for our players has been used for many years.  While the jersey style and print has since been discontinued, we can still find replacements from one source, but we are not sure when that day will end or when their supply will diminish.  Since we have mixed manufacturers over the years, some of the colors are not exact and neither are some of the fonts on names and numbers.  As we have discussed in prior emails to the parents, each year we put off updating our jerseys to the next year.  Eventually, no matter what, we will have to order new styles of jerseys for the whole team.  That could come as soon as next season or later.  It all depends on the supply of jerseys in our current style.  Therefore, the board has decided to consider the idea of having all players buy new jersey’s next year. 


In addition to a new style of jersey, we thought about another idea too.  When Keller Hockey started, it was Keller and Fossil Ridge.  Then they moved to the Navy and Gold jersey style we know today, along with the “K” and hockey stick.  Since then, Keller ISD has grown to include Central, Fossil Ridge, Keller High, and Timber Creek.  However, we still use the colors of just Keller High.  We understand there are sub schools, maybe an out of district player or two, and players who homeschool, but the four above are Keller’s main campuses. We thought that since we are considering the idea of updating the look of the team, we could also update the Logo to something that represents all Keller’s four main high school’s colors.  Gold is used throughout Keller High Schools as the second color, so we only must deal with the dominate color of each school.


The board thinks it will show the progression of the club to a new era of Keller ISD high school hockey and bring a fresh look that represents all the main High Schools, not just one.  The board has some great ideas on how to go about this, but we wanted to poll the parents before we invested much time to get your feedback. 

* 1. For the 2018-2019 Hockey Season, the board is considering the follow options.  Please let us know what your family would prefer.  Each family gets one vote per player.

* 2. Please provide your player's name for vote counts ONLY.