Postpartum depression impacts 10-20% of all new mothers. Be the change your community needs to support mothers in your community.

MotherWoman is seeking qualified communities to participate in the statewide extension of the Community-based Perinatal Support Model© (CPSM) implementation. The CPSM is an intervention that allows communities to address the issues of perinatal depression and ensures that multi-disciplinary partners throughout a community and across systems of care have the tools they need to identify mothers at risk and provide appropriate referral and treatment. MotherWoman is currently partnering with Cape & Islands, Lynn, New Bedford, Springfield, South Shore and Worcester, all diverse in social, geographic and economic demographics. These six communities have shown great success implementing the CPSM including: establishment and expansion of community perinatal mental health coalitions, establishing perinatal mental health support groups, increasing community education on perinatal mental health, providing perinatal mental health professional training, identifying resources and implementing screening. Now we want to bring these resources to your community!

Selected communities will receive:
1. CPSM Community Training
2. CPSM Community Toolkit
3. Community Readiness Assessment & Perinatal Mental Health Strategic Action Plan
4. Training for Leadership Team
5. MotherWoman Perinatal Group Facilitator Training
6. Technical Assistance and Webinars
7. Online and State wide Resources

Interested in learning more on how to apply? It's simple. Fill out this brief survey clearly stating your interest in bringing the CPSM to your community. We will contact you with information about the upcoming Request for Proposal webinar designed to introduce the CPSM. This will provide you with additional information on how to apply for this opportunity and inform you about deadlines.

Agencies, organizations and coalitions ready to take action to improve resources for mothers experiencing perinatal depression are eligible to provide this letter of intent (LOI).

Build a comprehensive safety net in your community and ensure that all mothers and families receive the necessary care and treatment they deserve. SUBMIT YOUR LOI NOW!

* 1. Name:

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* 4. Agency/Organization:

* 5. Community in which you are intending to apply for:

* 6. Briefly describe the need to address perinatal mental health in your community.

* 7. List any other agency/organizations supporting this LOI.

* 8. Briefly describe existing community efforts to address perinatal mental health in your community.

* 9. List potential community partners that might be interested in participating in bringing the CPSM to your community.

* 10. Is there an existing perinatal mental health coalition in this community?

* 11. Briefly describe goals you would like to see accomplished if the CPSM was brought to your community.

* 12. Please check all that apply:

* 13. I am interested in submitting an application to bring MotherWoman's Community-based Perinatal Support Model to my community.

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Funding Provided By MA Dept of Mental Health

Funding Provided By MA Dept of Mental Health