Radiation Treatment KQIs

CPQR's Quality Assurance Guidelines for Canadian Radiation Treatment Programs, outline the overarching elements of quality that are important in all radiation treatment programs, together with key quality indicators for periodic programmatic self-assessment and quality improvement rather. To further support local quality improvement, several KQIs have also been incorporated into national accreditation through the Accreditation Canada Qmentum program.   Version 3, released in December 2015 can be accessed online here.

The intent of this self-audit tool is to provide RT centres with an opportunity to assess their compliance with the CPQR KQIs, and through CPQR, and the National Quality Advisory Committee (NQAC), understand how to enhance local quality and safety initiatives to improve compliance, and share best practices within the RT quality community.

Centres completing this self-audit will be provided with a centre-specific report that can be used locally to measure improvement against benchmarked data submitted through past CPQR audits.  Anonymous, aggregate data may also be used by CPQR, the Quality and Standards Committee at CARO and NQAC.

  1. Identify opportunities to support quality improvement through training and education by measuring compliance to KQIs
  2. Facilitate pan-Canadian discussion on quality assurance best practice
Self-Audit responses will be returned to submitting centres via their NQAC representatives within 7 business days.

CPQR will be reviewing the guidelines in 2018 and is seeking your feedback.  The community feedback section found beneath each KQI in this audit is one way you can help us assess the continued relevance and utility of these indicators.

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