We believe that corporate philanthropy in China represents a highly important activity that will sustain not only future profits for its foreign benefactors, but will also foster reciprocal cultural and social synergies that are necessary to enhance and empower Chinese society at large, as well as an increasingly interdependent world community. It is widely acknowledged that there are many complex obstacles and impediments towards effective corporate philanthropy in China, including a fundamental lack of transparency, accountability, and appropriate nonprofit governance by many of the various charitable organizations themselves. Rothlin Ltd’s corporate philanthropy project seeks to address these problems and is designed to assist corporations in their philanthropic activities - in the hope of enhancing a spirit of true friendship between persons in China and corporations engaged in philanthropic activity in this part of the world.

* 1. What is the primary mission of your organization? What kind of work do you do?

* 2. When was your organization founded?

* 3. How was your organization founded? By whom or by what group?

* 4. Does your organization operate internationally, or is it active only in China?

* 5. Approximately how many salaried employees work for your organization worldwide?

* 6. Approximately how many salaried employees are based in China?

* 7. Approximately how many volunteers work for your organization worldwide?

* 8. Approximately how many volunteers work for your organization in China?

* 9. What are your primary sources of funding?

* 10. What kinds of corporations or organizations have you cooperated with or are you working with now in China?

* 11. How would you describe your partners’ roles in working with your philanthropic activities in China?

* 12. Which communication mode do you use with corporations or other donors or sponsoring organizations in China?

* 13. How would you describe the social benefit for your partners of philanthropic activities in which you collaborated with them?

* 14. Have you evaluated your philanthropic activities regularly? If so, what is your routine for accountability in China?

* 15. Which channels do the organizations with whom you have worked prefer for promoting philanthropic activity in China?

* 16. What has worked to achieve a useful level of cooperation with corporations and other donors and sponsors in China?

* 17. What might be improved in relationships with corporations and other donors in China?

* 18. How would your partners foster relationships of trust and mutual accountability with external NGOs/Agencies in China?

* 19. If the Rothlin Ltd. Corporate Philanthropy Project were to discover some practical tips benefiting your philanthropic collaborations with external organizations operating in China, what specific things would you like to know?

* 20. What would you like to know about the New Foreign NGO Law?

* 21. Would you like to share your stories of philanthropic success in China by taking an interview?

* 22. Would you like to receive more detailed information about Rothlin Ltd.’s Corporate Philanthropy Project?

* 23. If you would like to receive more details about the project, please leave your contact information as below: