Certification Application Instructions

Thank You for your interest in offering a Gaia Youth Certified programme. The course is based on Gaia Education Whole-Systems Design Tool also known as Gaia Mandala and its 4 dimensions- social, ecologic, economic and worldview - and 20 modules, which represents a universal pattern language for Education for Sustainable Development. In order to receive Gaia Education certification, Gaia Youth courses must meet the following criteria:
  • A minimum of 40 contact hours (e.g. 20 course days; 2 hours/day)
  • A strong intention to cover all 20 modules within each of the four dimensions of sustainability
  • A minimum of 10 hours devoted to applying design methods and processes into real-life scenarios
  • A skilled team of educators with sufficient knowledge and experience and at least one mentor who has completed a Gaia Education certified programme
  • An appropriate environment, ideally taking place in community or school projects demonstrating integrated application of design for sustainable settlements
  • A commitment to complete and submit course evaluations and reports
  • A commitment to follow international branding guidelines
  • A commitment to contribute to Education for Sustainable Development activities in your region
Please, be aware that APPLICATIONS...
• received between January 1 - April 30 will be reviewed by June 30
• received between May 1 - August 31 will be reviewed by October 31
• received between September 1 - December 31 will be reviewed by February 28


In order to apply for Certification, please send all the documents listed below to certification@gaiaeducation.org 

Applications will only be accepted if ALL the following materials are received by the application deadline:

• Complete and submit this application
• Anticipated daily schedule of course including a breakdown of hours within each of the 4 dimensions and for design work; and time allocated for orientation, regular reflection and evaluation.
• Max. one-page resume for each primary faculty and EDE graduate mentor, with gender indicated, highlighting of the EDE date and host site/venue the mentor has joined.
• A brief description of the Host site (60 words maximum)
• 2-3 high-resolution digital images of the host site, from the inside and outside facilities, excluding people, in jpg format
• A receipt of payment of the application fee. Sliding Scale £50 - £100.   Please follow this link to complete the payment. Be sure to include your name, email address and the name of your EDE in the space provided on the payment form called Special Instructions.

* 1. Contact Information:

* 2. General information

* 3. What is the mission statement of the host site/community/organisation?

* 4. What ECOLOGICAL resources can the programme offer (e.g., Appropriate Technology: mud or solar ovens; Energy: wind, hydro, solar power; Waste: water re-use, composting toilets; Food: agroforestry permaculture gardens; Shelter: natural building)

* 5. What SOCIAL resources can the programme offer (e.g., decision making, communication skills, health care)

* 6. What ECONOMIC resources would the programme offer (e.g., local currency, social enterprise, cottage industries)

* 7. What existing WORLDVIEW resources would the programme offer (e.g., ceremony, meditative practices, art and creativity)

* 8. Students

* 9. Accommodations (for residential courses)

* 10. Food

* 11. Money and Access

* 12. Meeting and Study Space

* 13. What other opportunities are there for learning (i.e. Service Learning Projects, Independent research, Internships, etc.) Please list as many as possible (name, phone, email):

* 14. What other resources are in the surrounding area? (within one hour's drive). List potential sites, contacts, and notes (sustainable farms, organisations, wild areas)

* 15. After the Gaia Youth programme, do you have any learning /integration / group activities planned for the participants to take part-in?  If so, pls describe and also indicate how you plan to keep in touch with your youth participants. 


* 16. Health and Safety

* 17. Course Commitments

* 18. Supporting Material Check List (certification applications will only be accepted if ALL the following materials are received by the application deadline)

* 19. THANK YOU for taking the time to answer these questions. Please also feel free to comment on this form and the certification process as we hope to continue to adapt it to better meet everyone's needs. Please direct any further questions to certification@gaiaeducation.org

* Gaia Education Privacy Policy
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