Before applying please read this quick overview of the Sullivan Fellows experience

Overview of the Sullivan Fellows Experience

If you’re here, it’s because you have a desire to positively impact your community and sharpen your skills as a leader who wants to ignite change in the world. We’re excited you’re applying for the Sullivan Foundation Fellows Program at Berry College or Mary Baldwin University. 

The Sullivan Fellows Program is a three-year scholarship and training experience that equips and supports emerging servant leaders at Sullivan schools who want to positively impact their campus and community. 

Fellows are identified in their freshman year and begin in the Fall of their sophomore year. Each Fellow receives a financial award, of which a portion is applied to their tuition, and a portion is set aside to cover their attendance in experiential training programs such as retreats and study abroad trips. (listed below)

Over the course of your three-year experience, you’ll experience the following: 

Sophomore Year:
  • Fall Ignite Retreat (usually held in early October)
  • Fellowship Kickoff 
  • May Leadership Workshop
  • Summer Course (Abroad OR USA)
  • Must participate in either 2nd or 3rd year
Junior Year:
  • Fall Ignite Retreat (usually held in early October)
  • Focus on Developing your Campus Projects 
  • Campus Project
  • Must invest 30 hrs
  • Summer Course (Abroad OR USA)
  • If you did not participate in 2nd year
Senior Year:
  • Spring Ignite Retreat (usually held in early April)
  • Fellowship Closing // Participate as Mentor
  • Capstone Reflection
All of the above activities* are designed to help you gain clarity on who you are, understand the problems you want to solve, and guide you to develop a project that serves those around you and helps you understand what you want to do after graduation.

You will be working with a program coordinator who is faculty or staff on your campus and will be responsible for communicating with them regarding your award, programs, scheduling and your campus project and capstone. 

*Please note that all of the activities listed are requirements for your participation. As you’re applying, be sure that you’ll be able to commit to the entirety of the program.
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