South Shore Hospital wants to join Partners HealthCare to provide you, your family and our community with high quality care that is even more accessible, coordinated and affordable.

* 1. Yes! I support South Shore Hospital's plans to join Partners HealthCare.

In coming together, South Shore Hospital and Partners HealthCare envision building a healthier future for everyone on the South Shore by:
1. Focusing on the health of the "whole person" by addressing physical, emotional and mental health needs.
2. Improving the availability of, and access to, primary and preventive care services in convenient community settings.
3. Delivering care in a more coordinated way, where doctors and other caregivers are able to better communicate with each other, and collaborate on behalf of their patients.
4. Lowering overall costs by streamlining care and reducing unnecessary duplication of health services and admissions to hospitals.
5. Sustaining South Shore Hospital's not-for-profit, charitable mission, governed by our local, volunteer Board of Directors.

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* 4. Please keep me informed as the proposed merger moves forward.