ATHLETES FOR A FIT PLANET in partnership with RACINGGREEN and your local race organisers want to thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire!

ATHLETES FOR A FIT PLANET works with event organizers across the planet to help them implement environmentally responsible practices and provide athletes with information about green events.

RACINGGREEN is a UK-based network of amateur athletes of all abilities who's aim is to provide resources and information to athletes about actions they can take to be more environmentally responsibility.

Environmental responsibility includes a commitment to (1) recycling, reusing, and composting materials, (2) reducing and offsetting carbon footprints, (3) minimizing environmental impact on the air, land and water at the race site and (4) using products that don't damage or degrade the environment.

This 10-question survey will take about 5 minutes to complete. As a thank you, we will email you the aggregate results of the survey. Your responses will be kept anonymous and your name and contact information will not be shared or sold to anyone.

Thanks for you cooperation, now on to the survey…


On average, how many times a year do you participate in each of the following races/events? (Please enter a whole number for each category - if you don't participate in a particular type of event, enter 0.)

* If you entered a value for "Other" in the question above, please specify the type of race or event.

* On average, how many miles do you typically drive to participate in a race or event? (Enter a whole number for miles.)

* How often do you carpool to a race or event?

* Do you ever fly to a race or event?


On a scale of 1-5, please rate yourself on your overall level of concern about the environment.
1 = I don't think about it
3 = It's a concern and I do what I can (recycle paper and plastic, try to conserve energy)
5 = I'm a fanatic: I drive a Prius, buy carbon offsets, and wear bamboo clothing

  I don't think about it I do what I can I'm a fanatic
My Environmental Quotiant

* If you had a choice between two virtually identical races/events (i.e. distance from home, length and difficulty of course, etc.) and one touted itself as an "environmentally friendly" event, would you pick the environmentally friendly race/event?

* If the race/event was CERTIFIED as an environmentally friendly event, would you be more likely to select it over a non-certified race/event? (Certification would involve a physical audit of environmental practices by an independent, unbiased third party.)

* In addition to the race/event entry fee, would you be willing to pay the race organizer a fee to cover the cost of producting an environmentally friendly event? (The fee would help cover the cost of using recycling bins for paper and plastic, composting food waste, buying recyclable and/or compostable one-use materials such as cups for water stations, etc.)

* Would you be willing to purchase a CARBON OFFSET for a race or event? (See description below)

A CARBON OFFSET is a voluntary fee you pay to mitigate your greenhouse gas emissions. They are popular in Europe and growing in popularity in the US. The most common use is to offset emissions from personal air travel. This is how it works:
(1) Using a “carbon calculator” you enter the distance you travel to a race or event to determine your total emissions, usually in pounds or tons of carbon dioxide.
(2) A fee is calculated that equates your emissions
(3) You pay this fee to a company, typically a non-profit, that distributes the money to an organization that plants trees, builds wind farms, or some other activity that “offsets” your emissions.
To learn more, go to or search “carbon offsets” on the web.

We encourage you to take action to show your support for the greening of events. Here are two things you can do:


Visit to view the RACINGGREEN tips for participants and sign our commitment.


Your responses will help ATHLETES FOR A FIT PLANET and RACINGGREEN understand the environmental attitudes of athletes so we can help to improve the quality and environmental friendliness of the events you participate in.

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