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* 1. Applicant Information:

* 2. Program applied

* 3. To the recommender:

The person whose name appears above has applied for admission to Northwestern University School of Law.To assist the Admissions Committee in selecting an entering class, please answer the following questions as candidly and specifically as possible. Rate this applicant against his or her professional peer group.

* 4. What are the candidate’s most outstanding attributes?

* 5. What are the three areas of the candidate’s professional performance that have improved the most in the time you have known him or her?

* 6. What do you perceive to be the applicant’s weaknesses?

Please address the following components of the candidate. Cite specific examples where possible.

* 7. Intellectual ability (e.g. analytical and quantitative skills)

* 8. Career performance (e.g. responsibilities and progression relative to the industry)

* 9. Career focus (e.g. clarity of post-degree plans, active participation in career development)

* 10. Project Mangement skills (e.g. ability to follow, lead, and direct projects in a professional capacity)

* 11. Interpersonal skills (e.g.maturity, listening skills, team skills, respect for others)

* 12. Leadership experience and potential (e.g. ability to influence others, initiative, etc)

* 13. What is your evaluation of this applicant with respect to the following qualities? Please check the appropriate boxes below.

  Below average
Bottom 1⁄3
Middle 1⁄3
Top 1⁄3
Very Good
Top 15%
Top 5%
Top 2%
Inadequate opportunity to observe
Intellectual ability
Career performance
Career focus
Project management skills
Interpersonal skills
Leadership potential
Potential for the study of law

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