Compulsory professional development - distance learning program 2015



This is part two of the assessment for the CPD 2015 for Settlement agents.

You must have completed part one before continuing with this part. You can go back and complete part one if you need to.

Please note you will need to do this exercise in one sitting. It cannot be saved and completed later.

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The following material will be covered in this part of the assessment program:

Course Content

Part two

    • Section 5: Job and Person requirements
      • Activity 5 - Job and Person Requirements
      • Activity 6 – Recent amendments to Schedule
      • Activity 7 – Analysing functions and duties
        • Draft Settlement Agent - Job and Person Requirements
    • Section 6: Case studies
      • Activity 8 – Recommending legal advice
      • Activity 9 - Requirement to act expeditiously
      • Activity 10 - Requirement to disclose pertinent facts
    • Section 7: Wrapping up
      • Activity 11 - Wrapping up

The following course materials can be downloaded as a handy reference:

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