1. Special Event Evaluation

Thank you for the opportunity to cater your recent event at Yale University. In an effort to further our commitment to provide food and service of consistently high quality, we ask that you please take a moment to complete the following appraisal.

* 1. Please rate your overall satisfaction with your recent catered event.

* 2. Menu Presentation

* 3. Menu Taste

* 4. Quantity of food served

* 5. Temperature of our menu

* 6. Event planning services

* 7. Timeliness of delivery

* 8. Professionalism of staff

* 9. Price to value

* 10. What aspect of your event did you like the most?

* 11. Please elaborate on your answer above.

* 12. What aspect of service would you most like to see improved?

* 13. Please elaborate on your answer above.

* 14. Please add your event information below: