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Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to engage with this important process.

A lot of work has gone into drafting new police policies and trainings. The best way to assess how effective these changes have been is by getting feedback directly from the community. 
Have you had a recent interaction with a Cleveland police officer? Have you noticed any changes with policing in Cleveland? How satisfied are you with policing in the City? Let us know your thoughts and experiences in this survey.

Your valuable feedback will help us understand how Cleveland Division of Police (CDP) training on new policies and procedures put into place under the Consent Decree has been noticed by the community.

This 10-15 minute survey is open to all people who live, work, or visit the City of Cleveland. We also encourage CDP employees to take the survey.

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* 1. What connections do you have with the City of Cleveland?

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* 2. What is the Zip code of where you live? 

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* 3. If you work in Cleveland, what is the ZIP code of where you work?