* 1. What agency are you with?

* 2. What was the gender of the patient?

* 3. What was the age of the patient?

* 4. Which patient condition was CPAP used for?

* 5. Who was the manufacturer of the CPAP device?

* 6. What size mask was used?

* 7. What was the oxygen liter flow used?

* 8. What was the cmH20 setting?

* 9. What was the total amount of oxygen used while utilizing CPAP?

* 10. Was there a change in the patient's condition?

* 11. Rate the ease of use of the CPAP device. (5 being the easiest)

* 12. Did you experience any problems while using the CPAP device?

* 13. What was the total amount of time from CPAP use to transfer of care in the Emergency Department?

* 14. Which hospital was the patient transported to?

* 15. Was there a smooth transition of care to the Emergency Department staff?