The Federal Election Commission requires member-companies of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) to sign this prior authorization form in order for the individual (an executive or administrative personnel of the member corporation), and/or the executive or administrative personnel of the member corporation, to be solicited by CONCRETEPAC, the Association’s political action committee.

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* For each year indicated by the boxes checked below, I am authorizing CONCRETEPAC to provide myself and employees at my company information and updates on NRMCA's political efforts.

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The Federal Election Commission (FEC) requires our political action committee to obtain written approval from members before it may solicit and accept contributions from employees of the member company. Granting Prior Authorization does not obligate the company or its employees to support CONCRETEPAC. It merely permits us to communicate in much greater detail about CONCRETEPAC to certain employees, owners/principals, managers, professional personnel, and other salaried, exempt employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Anyone so authorized by the company may grant Prior Authorization. This includes the company’s chief executive or the owner/principal, but may also include those designated to represent the company.

By signing a Prior Authorization form, you do not preclude your company’s employees from contributing to a state PAC, candidate PAC, corporate PAC, or an ideological PAC. The only restriction is that a company cannot give prior approval to more than one trade association PAC per calendar year.

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