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* 1. Breed
For mixed breeds, record the primary breed or if small (0-20 lbs. ideal weight), medium (20-50 lbs. ideal weight), large (50-80 lbs. ideal weight), or extra-large (over 80 lbs. ideal weight).

NOTE: Be sure each pet corresponds to the appropriate number (i.e. "Dog 1" is used to answer all subsequent questions pertaining to "Dog 1.")

* 2. Age
Round to nearest quarter year (0.25 – i.e. a dog 1 year 8 months would be recorded as 1.75). Of course, you may not know the exact age of a pet; round to the closest approximation possible.

* 3. Owner Assessment of Weight
Classify each pet’s weight as thin, normal, overweight or obese.

Be as honest as possible (your pet isn't reading this!).

  Thin Normal Overweight Obese
Dog 1
Dog 2
Dog 3
Dog 4
Cat 1
Cat 2
Cat 3
Cat 4

* 4. Weight
Round to nearest tenth (0.1) of a pound.

* 5. Previous Medical Conditions
Record conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, periodontal disease, chronic skin infections, etc. We are primarily interested in any long-term, chronic or serious medical conditions.