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This anonymous survey about carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning is offered by Albert Donnay, an independent toxicologist, as a free public service to:

1) help survivors of CO poisoning
    record their sources of CO exposure, symptoms, diagnoses and treatments. 

2) help people with chronic illnesses
    see which of their symptoms and diagnoses may be caused by CO poisoning

3) help doctors, attorneys, teachers, police and other service professionals
    recognize the symptoms and syndromes that may be caused by CO poisoning, 
    the sources of CO exposure that may be responsible, and
    the treatments that CO poisoning survivors say are most effective.

By anonymous, we mean that you will not be asked your name, email, phone number or any other information that might identify you.  The SurveyMonkey company will keep track of the IP address in your computer or phone but only so you can return to this survey as often as you like from the same device and continue where you left off until you finish.    

If someone else in your family or workplace wants to complete the CO survey, make sure they do so from a different device.   If they use the same device,, their answers will overwrite yours. 

When you answer the last question, you'll be shown the combined results of everyone else so you can see how you compare with other survivors of CO poisoning.  

If you currently have more than half the CO symptoms and diagnoses that this survey asks about--regardless of your current CO exposures--Mr. Donnay recommends that you get tested for CO poisoning which you can do yourself with any professional CO detector that displays from zero.  
For a poster comparing CO protocols, see www.tinyurl.com/COprotocols 

If breath testing by Mr. Donnay's methods finds more CO in tissues than blood, a variety of treatments can accelerate the excretion of this CO until your tissues and blood are once again in healthy equilibrium.  Mr. Donnay recommends against trying hyperbaric oxygen or high flow normobaric oxygen because both are associated with a high risk of developing delayed neurological symptoms (24% on average, compared to 4% by less toxic methods).  
For a poster reviewing drug and non-drug treatments for CO poisoning, see http://tinyurl.com/COtreatments

If you have any questions or suggestions for improving this survey,
           please write the author albertdonnay@gmail.com

If you want more information about Mr. Donnay
           see www.tinyurl.com/DEHEintro
If you want more information about CO poisoning,
          see https://www.quora.com/topic/Carbon-Monoxide-Poisoning

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