1. What is the Colorado Golf Carbon Survey all about?

The results of this survey will support research to develop a better understanding of the roles carbon sequestration and carbon emissions play in the management of golf courses and what impact golf course operational activities have on the environment. Critical benchmarks identified during the project will provide information that will inform the golf course management community regarding greater resource use efficiencies and improved environmental performance. Once completed, this project will allow the golf community to answer questions about the its role in the many aspects of the emerging carbon discussion.

Partners and supporters of the project include Colorado State University, the USDA-Agricultural Research Service, Rocky Mountain Golf Course Superintendent’s Association, Golf Foundation of Colorado, United States Golf Association, Golf Course Superintendents Association of America, Audubon International, National Turfgrass Federation, the Governor's Office/State of Colorado, and the International Sustainability Council. The research will be conducted by Drs. Yaling Qian and Tony Koski, Colorado State University and Dr. Ron Follett, USDA-ARS.

The Colorado Golf Carbon Project will be conducted in 3 research phases. Phase one will use survey data collected from Colorado golf courses to quantify scope one and scope two carbon emissions associated with golf course operations in Colorado including, for example, fuel combustion, fertilizer applications, and purchased electricity.

9% of survey complete.