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The City of Vaughan offers the Administrative Monetary Penalties program (AMPS) which allows persons to dispute AMPS tickets/penalty notices at a municipal level. The AMPS program is intended to provide a more time efficient, informal and accessible alternative to the provincial court system.  The City of Vaughan offers AMPS as follows:

When you can request a dispute of your AMPs ticket/penalty notice
In most circumstances, in order to request a dispute, you must do so within 15 days of a ticket or penalty notice being issued.  If it is past 15 days and there are extenuating circumstances, please contact By-law and Compliance, Licensing and Permit Services (BCLPS) staff as per the contact information below. Exemptions may only be made in extenuating circumstances. 

If you would like to appoint someone to act your behalf
If you would like someone to dispute the ticket for you, you must complete an Agent Authorization form, which he or she must submit, along with identification, when completing this form.
Options to dispute your ticket
Option 1 – AMPS telephone screening – please contact Client BCLPS to schedule
For an AMPS in-person or telephone screening, contact Client Services at (905) 832 – 2281 during regular business hours, Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. A screening appointment will be scheduled, and the decision will be made by telephone at the time of the screening.

Option 2 – AMPS online form screening – please complete the form below
For an AMPS online screening, please complete the form below, uploading any relevant supporting documentation. The Screening Officer will aim to review your submission within 15 to 30 business days, who will then email the decision that has been made. Note, if the Screening Officer determines that more information is needed, they may contact you.

What is the difference between the in-person, telephone and/or online screenings?
- In an in-person screening, you will attend Vaughan City Hall and meet with the Screening Officer.
- In a telephone screening, the Screening Officer will contact you at the phone number provided.
- For an online screening, you will complete the form below and upload any documentation.   The Screening Officer will contact you by email with the decision.  In all screenings, the same reasoning will be applied to the decision. 

What if I disagree with the Screening Officer's decision?
With all screenings, you have the option of requesting a Hearing with the Hearing Officer to review the decision in-person.

How you will be contacted if you complete the online dispute form
You will likely receive the outcome of your dispute by email from or Please check your junk mail folder to ensure you receive your response, thank you!

Notice of Collection Statement
This form will be used to collect personal information as defined under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. This information is collected under the legal authority of

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