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Dear colleague and friend,

The COVID 19 pandemic has exposed a global and mutidimensional crisis that had been brewing for many years. But also – if anything positive might be extracted from this crisis – today we see in many countries a strong reappreciation of the public sphere. In the first place, because it shows how much public health systems are essential to all of us. Second, because those countries with strong teams of scientists based at universities and other public research bodies have been able to implement massive testing as a faster and more effective form of containment. Third, because many of the economic contingency policies in response to the crisis are being implemented through state-owned enterprises, including public banks. And finally, because as the pandemic expands, basic public services such as water and sanitation networks, energy and telecommunications become even more essential.

Mapping and bringing out the magnitude and value of the public sector would greatly contribute to finding the most appropriate alternatives to deal with the worsening recession and to better prepare for a future beyond the pandemic.

This is a joint effort of COMUNA (a team of economists and other social researchers based in Montevideo, Uruguay) and the Transnational Institute (TNI, a progressive research centre based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands). All the methodology and results of this collective endeavour will be publicly accessible and will have no commercial use.

If you agree to participate in this collective research project, we would appreciate it if you fill in this web-based questionnaire. Another possibility could be a short interview over the telephone. Please contact us by email if you prefer that option.

Thank you in advance for your collaboration.

Daniel Chavez (TNI: and Pablo Messina (Comuna: