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The purpose of CORBEL staff exchanges is for operational staff from CORBEL beneficiaries Research Infrastructures to develop operational expertise in 4 areas, data management, service provision, innovation, and ethics by making short knowledge-exchange visits to other research infrastructures that are noted for their excellence in the same area.

CCMAR Staff exchange topic is "Interactions with users and user relationship management related to the CORBEL services and their target user community, including identification of user needs, user experience, user support, user training, customer support practices, problem solving/troubleshooting with users, health and safety for visitors requiring physical access to research infrastructures, and client liability"

Main objectives Staff Exchange at CCMAR (Faro, Portugal):
· Exchange experiences and operational best practices among participants in User Access and Service Provision; 
· Facilitate an open and collaborative forum for discussion between managers of research infrastructures and topic-specific experts; 
· Based on particular experience and knowledge of “User Access and Service Provision" of different Infrastructure´s, define steps to implement Standard Operational Procedures (Technical, Administrative and Financial matters);
· Promote communication and future collaboration between research infrastructures in areas of synergy.

Date of staff exchange: 17th – 19th October 2017

Deadline for applications: 15th September 2017

Full details can be found on the CORBEL website