Thank you for taking part in our survey. This survey will take 10-15 minutes.

We are looking for people who live with COPD, and their caregivers to fill out this survey.

Winnipeg, Interlake-Eastern, and Prairie Mountain health regions are reviewing how care for people with COPD is provided in hospital and after discharge.

For this to be done right, we need to hear and learn from those most affected by COPD- you!

By learning from your experiences, the goal is to enhance COPD management – by providing the skills you need to cope, and making stronger links and transitions from community and hospital.

 Thank you again for taking the time to fill out our survey.

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* 1. Please check off the health region that you live in:

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* 2. Are you a person living with COPD or a care giver of a person living with COPD?

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* 3. Have you or a family member visited an emergency room and/or stayed in hospital in the last year because of your COPD?