If you were selected in the sample for the COPA Membership Survey and received a paper survey in the mail, do not complete this online survey. If you were NOT selected in the sample and would like to provide your feedback, please proceed.
A. Please tell us about your current flying (check all that are applicable)

* 1.) Pilot licence or permit held:

* 2.) Types of aircraft flown:

* 3.) Ratings:

* 4.) Do you fly for:

* 5. a) Total flying hours (all types)

* b) How many years have you been flying

* c) At what age did you begin your ab-initio training

* 6. a) Total pilot hours flown during 2011 (all types)

* b) How does this compare with your annual hours flown over the last five years:

* 7. Do you own an aircraft (or aircrafts) or a share in an aircraft (or aircrafts)?

* 8. If you own an aircraft, does it have an electrical system?

* 9. Are you also a member of any of: