1. Application

LEAD California is a coalition of California’s leading colleges and universities. We build the collective commitment and capacity of colleges, universities and communities to advance civic and community engagement for a healthy, just and democratic society.
LEAD California is pleased to announce the LEAD California – Resilient Community of Practice for Directors. This Community of Practice (CoP) is a 7-month initiative specifically designed to support directors at LEAD California member campuses who are implementing service, service learning and community engagement.
COP Overview - What does COP have to offer?
We are a resilient community! We recognize that leading a center for community engagement/service-learning is exciting, yet also often challenging. We have witnessed your commitment, creativity, courage and resiliency as we have dealt with the ever-changing landscape of our work.
This virtual 7-month community of practice is designed to create an intentional space for up to directors from service-learning or community engagement centers to come together on a regular basis to:

• Create and deeply engage in an inclusive learning community in which all experiences are honored and their challenging questions are explored.
• Reflect on the gifts, passions, and identity they bring to this work;
• Expand their leadership capacity to sustain and grow service-learning and civic and community engagement in their institutions and in the field;
• Learn tools and strategies to strengthen their ability to foster and deepen their campus’s engagement with communities;
• Explore the tensions and challenges inherent in the work;
• Envision and strategize how they can help shape the future of the field in California; and
• Rejuvenate and reflect via various contemplative and self-care practices.
Unique features of this Community of Practice (CoP) include:
• Networking and learning in a small group (virtual and possibly occasionally in-person) setting;
• Co-creation of a supportive and powerful learning community;
• A team of facilitators to support, guide, and challenge the group;
• A commitment to inclusion and equity woven throughout the program;
• Participant input to identify compelling topics;
• A focus on strategies for various campus and community contexts;
• Opportunities for reflection.