* 1. Personal Information and Summer Mailing Address:

* 2. What are the last 4 digits of your PID?

* 3. Provide your current cumulative GPA.

* 4. Which undergraduate nursing curriculum are you following?

* 5. What semester and year did/will you begin your nursing program? (example: fall 2015)

* 6. Please select the answer that best applies regarding your participation in NUR 220:

* 7. Please list all nursing courses you have completed to date (include grade) and courses in progress:
NUR 100 (3.5)
NUR 200 (3.5)
NUR 300 (in progress)

* 8. Write an essay (limit 500 words) addressing the following:
(1) What are your career goals once you have obtained your nursing degree?
(2) How will nursing research/scholarship enhance or contribute to your achievement of these goals?

* 9. Do you hereby certify that all information submitted on this application is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge? Do you hereby grant permission to allow the College of Nursing to release information contained herein to the Undergraduate Research Program selection committee?

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