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* 1. The STA will be holding a follow up event on our newest white paper, "Surviving Today's Construction Contract Clauses". Please review the following contract clauses referenced in the white paper and rank them from most to least important.

  NOT important Important VERY Important
Performance vs. Design Specifications
Design and Differing Site Conditions
Design Delegation/Shop Drawings
Termination for Convenience
Termination for Convenience "Conversion"
No Damages for Delay
Extension of Time Requests
Liquidating Agreements
Arbitration Provisions
Mediation as a Condition Precedent to Litigation or Arbitration
Architect or Engineer as Initial Arbiter of Disputes
One-Sided Prevailing Party Fee Clauses
Governing Law and Venue/Forum Selection Clauses
Pay-if-Paid vs. Pay-when-Paid
Acceptance of Payment as a Release of all Claims Except for Retainage
Effect of Final Payment
Right of Set-Off / Cross-Withholding
Notice of Changes
Limits on Overhead/Profit Markup on Change Orders
Cardinal Change Doctrine
Disputed Work Provisions
Out of Sequence Work (so-called "Hop Scotch" work)
Change Caused By Other Contractors (the "Anti-Wick's" Law Provision)
Contemporaneous Damage Record Keeping
Contemporaneous Damage Record Keeping
Close-Out of the Project/Contract
Time Limitations on Claims and Actions
Substantial Completion
Recovery and Measure of Damages

Question Title

* 2. Is there another clause you would like reviewed but you don't see it here? Please leave any suggestions in the box below, or any other comments you may have on this topic.

Thank you for partcipiating in our survey! Please contact the STA with any questions at 212-398-6220 or
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