What is a Transfer Ambassador?

CONNECT is an opportunity for new transfer and visiting students at NYU to CONNECT with a Transfer Ambassador in the Fall 2014 semester.

Transfer Ambassadors (T.A.) are student leaders who successfully transferred to NYU and assist the Student Resource Center with providing fun, interactive, and educational events for new and returning transfer visiting students.

What you should expect if you sign up to CONNECT with a TA:
> You will be paired with a TA who shares similar academic, extracurricular or other interests with you
> You will be placed in a cohort of new transfer and visiting students who will share similar transitional experiences
> TAs will send weekly weekly e-mails to introduce you to events, ways to get involved, and access resources at NYU
> TAs will be able to answer questions and provide tips about life to NYU and NYC
> TAs will host events such as tours, dinners, and outings for the entire transfer and visiting student community, and may hold Coffee Hours or Transfer Chats specifically for CONNECT members

If you are interested in CONNECT-ing with a TA for the Fall semester, please fill out the following information. (There are no requirements for students interested in signing up for a TA - the goal is to help students during the transition period).

Students who sign-up will receive an e-mail introduction from their TA on August 19th, just before the academic year begins. New students are not required to sign-up for a TA in order to attend any Transfer Student Programs; they will be advertised in the Transfer Student Weekly Newsletter!

For more information about Transfer Student Programs check out our website.

Questions, Comments, Concerns? Email long.wu@nyu.edu.