Honoured responder of this survey,

Thank you for taking the time to fill in this highly important survey that will provide inputs to guide the Covenant of Mayors for Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy is the world’s largest movement of local authorities working with ambitious plans for climate and energy actions. The movement, build by networks of local authorities with the support from the European Union, started in 2008. The first year around 140 cities and towns signed up for the Covenant of Mayors meanwhile the political commitment to prepare and implement a climate and energy plan based on the European context and situation, was prepared. Today the movement counts more than 6800 signatories (local authorities) also outside of Europe ranging from small villages to large metropolis.

You can see more information about the Covenant of Mayors ( HERE

This survey aims at receiving inputs to develop the Covenant of Mayors for Sub-Saharan Africa in the same way as it has develop in Europe and North Africa – FOR Local Authorities BY local authorities in a democratic and transparent way. The political commitments are defined by the local authorities involved and the first important input is therefore this survey.

The final output of this process will be a political commitment that can be signed by all African local authorities with ambitions for the climate and energy actions within their local authorities.

We appreciate the time you can take with us to shape the Covenant of Mayors for Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Covenant of Mayors office for Sub-Saharan Africa

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* 3. What is the name of your city/town and country (Please note that no individual answers will be published and all data provided will be handled as confidential)

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* 4. Do you already have an existing energy and/or climate plan in place in your city?