The City of Monterey’s Parks and Recreation Commission invites your input on dogs in parks in Monterey.

During the City of Monterey’s 2016 Parks and Recreation Master Plan process community members asked that Monterey parks be more welcoming to dogs.

This led to an adopted Goal that “Dogs are an integral part of the Monterey community, and should be provided reasonable access to City parks, including on-leash and off-leash areas, throughout the City.”

Currently, under City Ordinance dogs are not allowed in City parks (on or off-leash) with the exception of:
• the Recreation Trail;
• Veterans Memorial Park;
• the beach area under control of the City located east of Wharf No. 2;
• El Estero Park, excluding El Estero Park picnic area, the Skate Park, and Dennis the Menace Playground.

Your comments will help us make Monterey parks more welcoming to residents, visitors and dogs, while maintaining safety and cleanliness for all. Thank you for taking the survey!

1. Are you a resident of the City of Monterey?

2. Do you own one or more dogs?

3. Would you support a revision to Monterey’s Parks Ordinance that would allow leashed dogs in parks in Monterey?

4. Should Monterey supply dog waste bags for dog walkers in Monterey’s parks?

5. If dogs on leash were allowed in Monterey’s parks would you visit more often?

6. Are there any Monterey parks or park areas that you feel should NOT allow leashed dogs? If so, which parks or areas and why?

7. Do you take your dog to the Dog Park at Lake El Estero?

8. Do you feel that Monterey should invest in dog parks with off-leash areas?

9. Anything else you’d like to tell us about dogs in parks in Monterey?