Mahalo for your interest in the County of Hawai'i's comprehensive review of the General Plan.  The General Plan guides the island's long-range physical development.  More information about the General Plan and the comprehensive review is available at  
On August 23 and 25, 2016, Public Input Forums were held to get residents' feedback on alternatives for future growth.  Electronic "keypad polling" was used during the Forums (along with paper surveys at remote sites) to record participants' input.  Your responses to this survey will be compiled with those results.
This survey includes video and audio playback of the Forum along with all of the questions that Forum participants answered.  It will take you a little under 2 hours to view the video and complete the survey questions, so please plan accordingly.
Your responses are automatically saved each time you click the "Next" button at the bottom of a page, so if you can't complete the survey in one sitting, you can bookmark the page and return later to where you left off.  In addition, you may change any of your answers until you press the "Done" button on the last page.
To complete the survey:
  1. Click "Next" at the bottom of this page.
  2. Play the first video clip, which is at the top of the next page.
  3. When the video clip ends, answer the questions on that page.
  4. Continue to the next page of the survey, which will feature the next video clip and related questions.
  5. Repeat your viewing of each video clip and your answers to each set of survey questions through the end of the survey. 
We appreciate your interest and thank you for taking the time to provide input related to the comprehensive review of the County of Hawai'i General Plan.

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