City of Albuquerque Employee Recognition Program

This Employee Recognition Program is intended to encourage City employees to go beyond our citizens’ expectations and meet the highest standards of service to the community.  Recognizing the useful role incentives play in encouraging superior employee performance and innovation, this program serves to reward performance and dedication that exceeds normal expectations. 


This program is designed to reward City employees who exceed normal job duties and expectations in pursuing the City’s Governmental Excellence and Effectiveness goal: Government is ethical, transparent, and responsive to its citizens.  Every element of government contributes effectively to meeting public needs.


All classified and unclassified employees of the City are eligible to participate in this program except for those in Division Managers positions or above.  Employees must not have received disciplinary action within the last 2 years of nomination. 


Nominations must be submitted in writing with documented evidence of superior performance or innovation.  Nominations may be made by any member of the public or a fellow City employee.  All nominations must be routed through the chain of command to the Division Manager and/or Department Director for review and comments.  Division Managers and Department Directors cannot withhold a nomination.  All nominations must then be submitted to the Chair of the Employee Recognition Committee for consideration at least two weeks in advance of the next quarterly committee meeting.

Areas of Recognition:


Human Relations 

Performance & Innovation 

Public Service 

Safety & Heroism 

Health & Wellness

One award in each of the Areas of Recognition may be awarded every quarter.  Each award recipient will be given one full day of paid leave to be used within one year of award.  Plaques or other non-monetary gifts may also be awarded. 

Awards will be contingent upon the City’s approved budget.



Presentation of awards shall be made at City Council meetings.

Please complete the following questions for the employee you are nominating.

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* 1. Enter today's date:

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* 2. Enter the name of the employee being nominated

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* 3. Enter the grade of the employee being nominated. (Ex. E12, M14)  (Note: Members of the public nominating employees can leave this blank)

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* 4. Enter the Nominee's Department or Division.  (Note: Members of the public nominating employees can leave this blank)

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* 5. Which award category are you nominating this employee for?

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* 6. Please write a detailed justification as to why you feel this employee deserves to be recognized for the category you selected.

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* 7. Please enter the name of the employees Supervisor, Division Manager or Director here if known.

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* 8. If you are a City Employee, please enter your name and department:

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