Proposed Breeder’s Ordinance Survey

The City of Amarillo has a disproportionately large population of animals, due in part to improper spay and neutering practices. This has led to animals reproducing at an exponential rate. Amarillo Animal Management & Welfare consistently takes in more than 12,000 animals a year. Of those 12,000 animals, more than 3,400 animals are sent out of area yearly to prevent euthanasia rates rising and provide the animal with a more suitable forever home. When the supply of animals exceeds the demand there is excess animals. Those excess animals statistically end up at the shelter and are either sent to other communities or are euthanized and buried in the City’s landfill. A breeder’s ordinance would reduce the amount of animals capable of reproducing which in turn reduces the amount of animals the City’s shelter brings through its doors.

* 1. Do you consider yourself as an animal advocate?

* 2. Do you believe that our community has an animal overpopulation problem?

* 3. Should the City of Amarillo subsidize spay/neutering to prevent excess animals and tax dollar waste?

* 4. This proposed ordinance would hold breeder’s accountable. I am:

* 5. I live inside the city limits of Amarillo