1. Study of Parents Whom Divorce

* 1. How many years were you married before you divorced?

* 2. How long did the divorce process last?

* 3. What accounted for this time period?

* 4. How many years has it been since you divorced?

* 5. Did you seek the divorce or did your spouse?

* 6. How would you characterize your divorce (select the answer that best describes your situation)?

* 7. In the end, would you want to divorce this person again--given
the process and aftermath of the divorce process?

* 8. How did you factor in your children in your decision to divorce?

* 9. Did you discuss the plan to divorce with your children? Explain.

* 10. Did you feel you adequately discussed your children’s feelings about the divorce? Explain.

* 11. Did you postpone your divorce because of your children?

* 12. Did your children have a voice in the decision of your divorce?

* 13. How did your children respond to news of the divorce?

* 14. Did you work to avoid the divorce? If so, what did you do?

* 15. Did the children try to prevent the divorce?
If so, how so?

* 16. Did you feel equipped to respond to your children’s needs in the throes of the divorce? Explain.

* 17. Did you draw on professional help to assist the children with
their adjustment?
If so, why?
If not, why?

* 18. What were impacts of your divorce on your children’s life?

* 19. What were long-term affects of the divorce for the children?

* 20. Do you think that your relationship with your children improved or suffered as a result of your divorce? Explain

* 21. Did life improve for the kids following divorce?

* 22. Do you feel regrets for the impact of your divorce on your children? Explain.

* 23. Other related thoughts, experiences, or comments: