Parent Satisfaction Survey

Lakes Area Baseball is always looking for ways to improve. Please complete the survey below regarding your child's 2017 Lakes Coach as well as a few questions about the league itself. If you have more than one child playing Lakes Baseball, please complete this survey for each of your children (ex: have 3 kids = submit 3 surveys).

* 1. Please indicate the coaches name for whom you are completing this survey.

* 2. Please let us know how your child's coach did.

  Strongly Disagree Disagree N/A Agree Strongly Agree
The coaching staff has a significant knowledge of the game.
The coaches interact appropriately with players, parents and others and generally are a positive role model.
The coaching staff communicated important information in an timely and effective manor.
Practice time is utilized efficiently.
Players understand what is expected of them.
Your child has improved their baseball skills since the beginning of the season.

* 3. How do you feel Lakes Area Baseball is doing?

  Strongly Disagree Disagree N/A Agree Strongly Agree
The baseball fields are kept in good shape.
The design and quality of the uniforms are good.
The equipment for the fields and the players is in good shape.
The players are getting the right amount of training between the practices, games, and clinic.
Registration information is communicated well.
The Lakes Area website for registration and information is easy to use and understand.
The Lakes Area Facebook page is a helpful communication tool. 
The concession stand is fully stocked and priced appropriately.

* 4. Do you see your family returning to play on the Lakes Area Baseball League next year?

* 5. Are you interested in volunteering with the League or do you have any interests or skills that could help the organization?

* 6. Any other comments or concerns, please let us know.