* 1. Do you think government leaders in North Carolina are doing enough to help businesses create jobs?

* 2. What role should North Carolina’s government play in job creation?

* 3. During The Great Depression the government offered programs like WPA and PWA, paying people to build schools, public buildings, roads and parks. Should government once again consider hiring people to construction public infrastructure?

* 4. North Carolina's economic development strategy has focused on offering economic incentives to businesses to locate in our state. Do you favor the continuation of this strategy?

* 5. Small businesses create about 7 of every 10 new jobs. Is North Carolina doing enough to help small businesses in creating new jobs?

* 6. What could our state do to help small businesses of fewer than 100 employees?

* 7. The Golden Leaf Foundation was created to help those communities impacted by the decline of tobacco in creating new jobs. How well has Golden Leaf achieved this goal?

* 8. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 69 percent of all job vacancies in the next 8 years will not require a college degree and an additional 11 percent will require only some college. Are our public schools putting too much emphasis on preparing students for college?

* 9. Do you believe high schools should offer more vocational and technical training in addition to college preparatory tracts?

* 10. Recent stories indicate half our new college graduates don’t have jobs upon graduation. How well are our colleges and universities preparing students for the work force?

* 11. Would you favor passage of a statewide bond referendum to stimulate job creation and improve public infrastructure?

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