Consultation on Housing - Autumn 2014

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Reasons for the questionnaire.

Last year we held a preliminary public consultation on the issues which might be covered in the Cricklade Neighbourhood Plan. From the answers which you have given to us we would now like to ask some further questions that relate specifically to new housing development.

How to complete the questionnaire.

The survey consists of just a few simple questions. Please click below to move to the next page. Please respond by Friday 19th December.

Who should complete the questionnaire?

We are keen to receive the views of all residents, particularly the younger members of the community, and not just one per household.

If you have any questions.

If you would like more information about how to complete the questionnaire, or about neighbourhood planning in general, then we will be holding a series of ‘drop-in’ sessions when members of the Working Party will be available to chat to. They will be held at the Town Council office as follows:
5pm to 8pm on the Thursdays 4th December and 11th December
10am to 1pm on the Saturdays 29th November, 6th December and 13th December.

Please feel free to call in, we look forward to seeing you. Alternatively you can phone us via the Town Council on 01793 751394.

Questionnaire issued by the Cricklade Neighbourhood Plan Working Party

Please read on for more information....

The report on the 2013 public consultation is available to read on and on the Town Council website Paper copies are available to read in the Town Council office. The document also contains a lot of useful information about the neighbourhood planning process and is well worth a look.

We cannot yet be certain on the minimum new housing numbers that Wiltshire Council will require to be built in Cricklade between now and 2026 as the ‘Core Strategy’ has still not yet been approved by the Planning Inspector. However we believe it is likely to result in a requirement for Cricklade in the range of 60 to 80.