The University of Wyoming offers no Ph.D. degree in any humanities discipline. The English Department has the potential to establish UW's first Ph.D. program in the humanities. We envision a broad-reaching program that offers a strong anchoring in the field, self-selected special topics for individual research, and flexible interdisciplinary opportunities.

We are seeking guidance from friends and from students past and present. If you are pondering a further degree in English, what are you seeking? If you have a Ph.D., what would you now recommend as most helpful? If you have not thought of one, what would intrigue you? Through this short survey we invite your input, which will help us to refine the future PhD in English. Thank you for your time.

* 1. Do you think it is important that the University of Wyoming offer such a degree?

* 2. When you consider the possibilities for special areas of research, which appeal to you? (please check all that apply):

* 3. What potential career paths would you like to see this PhD program support?

* 4. How important is student funding to you (5 very important, 1 not important)?

* 5. Are you interested in applying to such a Ph.D. program, or would you have been at the appropriate time in your career?

* 6. If you are interested in participating in the future development of the Ph.D. in English, please enter your name, email address, and nature of your interest here: