* 1. Do you use the galley?

  Never Occasionally Regularly Most weeks
As a visitor?
As a customer?
To do Galley duty?

* 2. Do you buy, or would you buy if available?

  Never Rarely Occasionally Almost every week N/A
A hot drink
A cold drink
Crisps/savoury snacks
Hot food

* 3. How important are improvements in these aspects of the galley to you in encouraging you to make more use of the galley?

  Not at all A little A lot Vital
Duty people being present
Wider range of hot food
Reliable availability of stock

* 4. What type of hot food would you buy if you knew it would be available? ( We will not be able to offer all of these!)

* 5. I feel the charges in the galley are ;

* 6. What would you most like to see change about the galley?