The New Year brings changes, and we want to hear what kind of changes you would like to see in MBV Wholesale.

We greatly appreciate your opinion and look forward to remodeling MBV Wholesale to fit your business perfectly. 

* 1. What is your preferred method of payment for orders?

* 2. What shipping provider do you prefer?

* 3. What E-Juice blends do you order and/or would like to see offered? 

* 4. What size bottles do you order, or would like to order in the future? 

* 5. On a scale of 1-5 what types of flavors sell best in your store?

  1 - Never sells 2 - Barely sells 3 - Sells at an average pace 4 - Sells relatively fast 5 - Can barely keep it on the shelves!
Beverage flavors
GWAR flavors
Dessert flavors
Menthol & Mint flavors
Tobacco flavors
Candy flavors
Fruit flavors
Nut & Spice Flavors
Build Your Own/Custom flavor

* 7. What kind of Mt Baker Vapor Merchandise, Signage, and/or Displays would you like to use in your shop?

* 8. What is the average price range you sell your e-juice bottles for?

* 9. If you could add one flavor to the MBV Wholesale E-Juice Menu, what would it be? 

* 10. What kind of Hardware do the majority of your customers buy?