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* 1. Please help us understand your Partnership Affiliation

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* 2. Please share your Name, Country of Residence & email address so we can keep you updated on this collaboration. 

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The future of U/U international collaboration pointed toward the creation of a new organization or entity that would more effectively embody our shared values in its work. 

I agree that an international entity is needed:
(Please indicate which statement most expresses your perspective)  

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* 4. VALUES and WORK:
Below are the core values and scope of work the new entity aspires to:


●       Diverse, decentralized, with an accountable governance and leadership structure

●       A community with a shared faith identity and diverse theologies

●       Equitably and sustainably financed

●       Provide a forum for developing a global and collective voice on issues of importance in our communities


●       Broaden the meaning of partnership, grounded mutually in relationship, through establishing new systems of building partnership and relationship

●       Train lay and professional religious leaders, with culturally adaptive education and training programs

●       Provide a forum for culturally relevant justice-based initiatives

●       Support existing and emerging groups

●       Support and build strong and mutual partnerships

Based on the above, the values and scope of work of the new entity are in line with my aspirations and hopes for collaboration:
(Please indicate which statement most expresses your perspective)

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We have identified two options of potential organizational structures for the new international U/U FC entity.
CHOOSE ONE of the options that in your opinion most fulfills the aspirations, expresses the values and incorporates the work stated above.

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* 6. What, if anything, is missing from the stated aspirations, values, scope of work and organizational models?

In the space provided below, please share what's missing for you.

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Please share any additional information, questions, concerns regarding the proposal for ICUU and UUPCC to move ahead with this new and innovative plan to form a new international U/U entity for collaborative engagement. 
Thank you for your participation.

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