As envisioned 25+ years ago, Seattle's Neighborhood District Council system is a neighborhood based, bottom up, grassroots structure established by Resolution 27709. The Neighborhood District Council / City Neighborhood Council structure is the only Seattle Board/Commission where members are self-elected and not appointed by the City.

Seattle City Council issued a Statement of Legislative Intent (SLI #18-2-A-1) to the Department of Neighborhoods (DoN) during the budget cycle last year requesting a plan be developed to reorient their programs around the new City Council District structure with a primary focus on the Neighborhood District Coordinator program and a goal for more equitable community engagement. The plan should include proposals for changes or modifications to the Neighborhood District Coordinators program, including proposals for updated job descriptions, protocols for working with District Councilmembers, and improvements to the City’s relationship to the existing District Councils and City Neighborhood Council. View DoN's Initial SLI Response.

The Department's interviews were limited in scope. The City Neighborhood Council (CNC) is seeking input from Seattle neighborhoods to inform its response and appreciates your time in taking the survey below.  

Thank you.

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