This survey is designed to provide schools and the district with data related to the student experience at his/her campus. Student participation in this survey is important for planning and developing campus goals. As you answer the questions, please base all answers on your experiences at your current campus. All responses are anonymous.

* 2. Respond to each scenario below based on your experiences at the school identified above.

  Always Sometimes Never/Not at all Not sure
Teachers provide encouragement and help with classroom work and assignments.
Teachers are willing to provide individual help before and after school.
Teachers show respect to students.
Students are encouraged to be involved in activities at my school.
Students respect their teachers at my school.
Students respect the principal and administrators at my school.
Students follow the classroom rules at my school.
Students follow the school rules. 
Student attendance at this school is a problem.
Student cheating at this school is a serious problem.
Counselors are helpful and kind. 
I feel welcomed at school activities.
I participate in school activities (clubs, band, sports, etc.).
My parent/guardian attends functions at my school.
I believe my campus is a safe place to attend school.
I like being a student at my school. 
Thank you for participating in this survey!!

Portions of this survey were adapted from several sources, including the Broward County Public Schools, Indiana Department of Education, the Evaluation Center at Western Michigan University, and The School Leader's Tool for Assessing and Improving School Culture by Christopher R. Wagner.