What is this survey about?

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Welcome, and thank you for taking part in this short survey about the attraction of playing cards. This is the very first stage of a large research project I am undertaking which I hope will culminate in a book exploring the history of playing cards and the recent explosion of card games.

The purpose of this initial survey is to understand what attracts people to playing card games. With so many styles and themes of games prevalent these days, why do you choose to play a card game – perhaps even over something else? The answers to the questions herein will help me understand why cards are so popular today, and will feed into more comprehensive research in the future.

Please note that no personal details will be asked for during the course of this survey, apart from place of residence, gender and age. These are only asked for demographic purposes. Should you prefer not to provide these, you may choose not to. All information collected will be for used for research purposes only, and nothing will be disclosed to any third parties for any reason. I am unaffiliated with any game production company, and I am purely undertaking this research as a result of my own interest in the topic.

Analysed results of this survey will be posted and updated on my website - Dragon Literature - under the "Books" > "Card History" tab once I have received at least 25 responses.

Again, thank you very much indeed for taking part.

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