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* 1. In 1959 Holbrook Palmer Park was donated to the Town of Atherton. It is 23 acres in size. In the 1970s Jennings' Pavilion was donated to the Park. For more than fifteen years Jennings' Pavilion has been rented out for corporate events and weddings. The Pavilion can seat approximately 120 inside for a wedding or 180 when outdoors is added.

Since most weddings and events are over 120 people, rental of the Pavilion is mostly a Summer event.

Back in 2000 it was proposed to expand the Pavilion to seat 200 people to bring in revenue during the other months of the year. That debate still continues.

During the last decade many competitors have opened modern facilities and taken away customers from the Pavilion's rental business.

Studies done in 2000 were to expand the Pavilion by 1,300 square feet to approximately 3,400 square feet to accommodate larger rentals and increased revenue.

Would you support the Town investing $500,000 to upgrade and expand the Pavilion to increase rental revenue and Park income?

* 2. Atherton was formed as a Town in 1923. During the first five years, council meetings were head at either the Mayor's house or the Circus Club.

In 1928 a bond was passed to build the first Town Center, which now serves as Council and Commission Chambers.

By the 1960s the Atherton had outgrown the 1928 building and a second bond was passed to build the current Town Center.

By the 1970s the Police Department needed more space and Modulars were added behind Town Center. In the 1990s Public Works and the Building Department were moved to Modulars across the street. Local residents were told the Modulars would be temporary.

The current building does not meet many OSHA, Seismic, American Disabilities Act, and other building codes.

The current Police Station has one room that serves as a locker room for both male and female officers, dining table, evidence processing table, and training room.

In 2008 the council formed a Blue Ribbon Task Force of six residents to review the situation. The conclusion was that a new building is needed and the old building can not be salvaged.

In 2000, former Building Official Mike Hood proposed increasing Building Rates to cover Building Department Facility overhead and to set aside those funds for a new building and to get rid of the Modulars hosting the Building Department. Council approved this in May 2000. Today there is $1,760,000 in that account. The total projected cost of a new building is approximately $15,000,000.

Using a thirty year bond to pay for a New Town Center would be approximately $280.00 per year per Atherton household. As part of the 2009 Stimulus Plan, BABs or Build America Bonds are available to cities from the Federal Government to cover part of the interest on bonds to stimulate construction.

Would you support a Bond Measure to pay for a new town center, public safety building, and emergency operations center (EOC)?

* 3. In 1978 with the passage of Prop 13, property tax allocations were frozen. This meant most cities and towns would receive approximately 10%, Fire Districts approximately 15%, approximately 70% going to counties, schools, and special districts, and 3.4% going to libraries.

Since 2000 the Atherton Library has run a surplus, reaching $4,000,000 by last June and growing at a rate of $50,000.00 per month.

Opinions are sought on how to best use those funds. A needs study was done by the San Mateo County Joint Powers Authority (JPA) last Fall.

Back in the 1980s a plan was developed to separate the children's area from the computer area.

In recent years the Atheton Friends of the Library and the San Mateo JPA have organized movies, speakers, and musical performances at the library.

Ideas have been to expand Library hours, remodel the existing Library, connect and expand the original Town Hall to the library to serve as an auditorium. Please provide your thoughts. Multiple answers accepted.

* 4. Concerns and Opinions on other topics