Application for the Advancement to AACVPR Master

The purpose of Masters in the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR) is:
  • To recognize professional achievement in cardiac and/or pulmonary rehabilitation
  • To recognize outstanding service to the AACVPR and to the fields of cardiac and/or pulmonary rehabilitation
  • To encourage continued professional development and service to AACVPR and the achievement of a leadership role in AACVPR

Applications Must Be Submitted By Friday, March 10, 2023.

To be considered, applicant must fill out ALL fields. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.
2023 Master of AACVPR Designation Requirements

1. Applicant must be nominated by a current AACVPR Master.
2. Applicant must receive at least two (2) letters of support (one of which is from the Master (MAACVPR) who nominated them).
3. Applicant must submit curriculum vitae that includes evidence of distinguished service to the AACVPR and the field of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation and/or influential, high-impact research relative to the field of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation.
4. Applicant must be an AACVPR Fellow and active AACVPR member for, at least ten  (10) consecutive years prior to the application (since July 1, 2013).
5. Since Fellows must have been an active member for three (3) years, a Master applicant must have been in the cardiopulmonary field for at least thirteen (13) years.
6. Applicant must have participated (via research, speaking, moderating, posters, abstracts, planning committee) at a minimum of (3) AACVPR Annual Meetings within the last ten (10) years.
7. Applicant must have served as a Committee Chair and/or Board member for AACVPR.
8. The Awards Committee may select one individual each year who may not meet all of these qualifying criteria, but, based on their significant historical contributions to AACVPR and the field of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, are deemed deserving of Master.

The Awards Committee considers the following information when considering Master applicants:

1. The strength and enthusiasm of the candidate’s two (2) endorsers.
2. The significance, quality and role of service over time during which the candidate has been associated with AACVPR.

The final decision for advancement to Master of AACVPR is a recommendation from the AACVPR Awards Committee (based on the application).